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DrawTogether is a show that’s a class that’s a club — for kids!

Draw Together began as an impromptu art class on the internet to support kids and parents during the Covid-19 school closures. Part Mr. Rogers, part Bob Ross, part jumpy-castle party, the show quickly attracted viewers from over forty countries, all excited to draw with host and #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator (plus social worker and professional goofball) Wendy MacNaughton, aka “Wendy Mac.”

Now, Draw Together is taking a giant leap, offering an interactive show (from a spectacular 100% handmade studio!), a support program for schools and community organizations, and lots of additional resources from a team of special guests, creators, and educators. This learning universe combines imagination, growth mindset, and the occasional silly dance to teach drawing – while also instilling creativity, emotional self-awareness, and confidence. Kids learn along to Wendy’s ebullient there-are-no-mistakes-in-art instruction – put polka dots on that penguin! Scribble wildly to vent energy! – and come away with a finished drawing and sense of pride and accomplishment, while grown ups get resources and activities to go deeper and provide more support.





“(My son) used to be afraid to draw something that he didn't already know he could draw — and when he made a mistake, he would totally shut down. Since your lessons, he is much more open, and when he makes a "mistake" he just says, "That's OK!" … I am grateful for the changes I have seen in my son.”

“You are the perfect teacher for my 8 year old daughter who thinks her art has to be perfect (and never is, in her eyes.) She has relaxed so much with you and just TRIED things with your encouragement.”

“We love your class. It’s the only thing Hugo pays attention to. We laugh away as you dance with the pencil and more. You are bringing joy to 1000s of people of all ages.”

“My seven-year-old usually can’t sit still for five minutes. But he draws for the whole 30 minutes.”


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