We are launching a partnership with schools, districts, and community-based organizations to offer comprehensive SEL-based art programming at low or no cost.

Art education has been stripped from schools. Educators are stretched thin and short on resources. Yet studies show (and we all  know) that art is crucial for developing creative thinking, academic success, and emotional well-being.* By combining the best of readily available analog and digital tools, the DrawTogether approach goes way beyond teaching line, shape and perspective:  DrawTogether is about connecting creativity with the world, sparking learning from anywhere and anything, and developing many of the skills required to thrive in today’s world, like self-awareness, resiliency, empathy, and curiosity.

To deepen learning for kids and support educators with implementation, DrawTogether Classrooms provides a full curriculum for each episode, along with additional activities, explorations, and resources.

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Who it’s For:

  • Kids from preschool through elementary school (and older students depending on context)
  • Schools and programs that may not have regular art instruction
  • Title I schools and programs in low-income communities, from a diverse range of racial, ethnic, and geographic contexts
  • Classrooms and youth programs looking to boost social-emotional learning

DT Classrooms receive:

  • 12 episodes of DrawTogether (each ~15-22 minutes long)
  • Free subscription to the DrawTogether Art Club newsletter
  • The DrawTogether Amazing Educator Guide, including curriculum for each episode, activity sheets and explorations to expand on skills and themes. Plus tips on how to give feedback (on art, but really everything) in a way that instills confidence and deepens connection.
  • A set of custom-designed classroom posters from celebrated illustrators
  • The opportunity to get free DrawTogether art kits full of essential supplies for drawing and creating (priority for partners that demonstrate need)
  • First access to any extra videos and/or opportunities for virtual classroom visits

What we’ll learn:

  • How DrawTogether (and hands-on art making) impacts kids’ creative and social-emotional growth, through comprehensive data collection and evaluation
  • What support educators (and kids) need to effectively use DrawTogether
  • What topics, approaches, and activities are most helpful for building creative and social-emotional competencies and 21st century skills.


Contact for more info or to support DrawTogether Classroom.

* In our small spring 2021 classroom pilot, 100% of the educators who used DrawTogether said that it helped to inspire creativity and grow their students’ social-emotional skills, such as confidence, resilience, and empathy.

**A special thanks to our early supporters: StartSmall Foundation, DropBox, Intersection for the Arts, and our Outstanding Art Star Donors.