DrawTogether Classrooms is a non-profit program that empowers educators and learners to develop curiosity, creativity, confidence, and connection through high-quality, accessible drawing-based experiences and resources.

Studies show (and we all  know) that art is crucial for developing creative thinking, academic success, and emotional well-being. DrawTogether Classrooms provides educators with free and low-cost resources, tools and support to combine social-emotional learning with art education in all kinds of learning environments. Our team of educators and designers have created a flexible and easy-to-implement program that integrates social-emotional skill-building with artistic exploration through digital videos, podcasts, and activities, as well as readily-available art supplies. DrawTogether’s lessons and resources connect creativity with the world and develop critical skills that kids (and grown-ups!) need to thrive.

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Pilot Program 2021-2022

In 2021-22 we supported 100 classrooms in over 30 states, reaching thousands of kids. This includes elementary, middle, and high schools, afterschool programs, non-profit organizations, pediatric hospitals, and more! The majority of the schools and programs in our pilot serve low-income and historically marginalized communities. Stay tuned for our impact report, coming summer 2022.

We created the Amazing DT Educator Guide, full of episode overviews, essential questions, and lots of activities to deepen learning.

The program also provides a free subscription to the DrawTogether newsletter, a set of custom-designed classroom posters from celebrated illustrators, monthly collaboration meetups, personalized check-ins and support, and free art supplies and printed materials

What educators are saying:

“I love the social-emotional aspect of these drawing exercises. The students desperately need it right now. I love having the Draw Together resources to help support my students emotional needs in addition to providing art.”

“Using DrawTogether, I see concrete improvements in how my students connect with each other.  I noticed a child giving a child a compliment on their work. I noticed another child telling their partner not to give up and to keep trying. One child was frustrated because their work did not look like the video and the other child told them to keep trying.”

“I have found that Draw Together has helped my students take a mental break and reflect. It’s also been a way for them to just be silly and exist without judgment in our classroom space – which helps to build their excitement about school.”

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